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  • Me parece muy interesante este texto de Pablo Rodríguez sobre el (preocupante) futuro de PDF 2.0 como estándar ISO. mal vamos cuando se opaca la documentación. [2019-10-26 sáb]
  • En la web de Luc Devroye, esta reflexión sobre Adobe y las fuentes y el viejo problema de si una fuente debe o no entenderse como software (las negritas son nuestras) [2019-10-26 sáb]:

    «Adobe is asking people to snitch on each other, and report pirates. There are many things wrong with this: Adobe should pay their own inspectors, of course. Furthermore, their licensing page starts with “Fonts are software, too. In fact, each font is a short software program. Fonts are protected under intellectual property law and are subject to the same legal usage restrictions as other software.” The correct statement should be that some fonts are software (type 3 fonts, for example, are PostScript programs). Most fonts (type 1, e.g.) are merely tables of data. No programming can be done with them. One can only change numbers and names. In this sense, fonts are data files. The reason Adobe starts its page with this (false) sentence is that this is the heart of the matter, and they know it. If people read it often enough, they will believe it.»

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